Sunday, 10 July 2011

Moth ID Assistance please

The 4 photos below are the only 4 I am having trouble IDing from my Wales trip, any assistance would be appreciated.






  1. Hi, I'm not an expert but this is my guesses,

    1) Possibly a Triple-spotted Clay (not a moth I get)
    2) Broom
    3) do you have a size and habitat?
    4) I think this is a worn Double Line, but I've no experience with this moth.


  2. Hi Phil,

    Looking at Tony's reply, I may have to re-evaluate, he is much more experienced than me. My first thoughts were:-
    1, Double Square Spot
    2, Broom Moth
    3, Double Dart
    4, Double Line

    3 of these I have never seen before and the only one I have is the first one and it looks like I could be wrong!!! I'm glad Tony thought 2 and 4 were what I guessed at! All the best.

  3. Hi Phil and Alan,
    Alan, we're on the same wave length. 1) may well be a Double Square-spot, I couldn't make up my mind and thought it looked slightly different to my normal Double Square-spots. We agree on 2 and 4 and I like you ID of Double Dart if the size is right (I've never seen one).