Friday, 22 April 2011

 Some sort of fly on a Nettle Leaf

A pretty butterfly, not sure which variety though.

The friendy Robin this afternoon at Sevenoaks Nature Reserve

Mandy and I drove to Sheffield Park this morning and I took along my macro lens hoping for lots of bugs, butterflies etc, i was disappointed as I think the heat was keeping them away.


  1. Lovely photos. Robins are so much more obliging than most other birds I think!

    Your butterfly looks like a Speckled Wood to me and yes, they are pretty :)

  2. Nice series. The flutter is definitely a Speckled Wood.

  3. Phil & Mandy ,
    I think this long warm spell is keeping a lot of species away from the camera .
    Your some sort of fly is an Alder Fly / Sialis lutaria , lots of them around at the moment , especially near water .

  4. Hi Phil and Mandy, some really nice pics there, hope you enjoyed Sheffield Park, it looks like you gave the camera a good workout ;-)