Friday, 17 December 2010

A few through the window shots with new camera!

 A Pied Wagtail in winter plumage with a Starling feeding on the path.

 The same Wagtail

 A view from my bedroom window just after the blizzard!

My dad doing his snow clearing at the back of house.

All taken on new camera with the standard 18-55 lens so not best quality!


  1. Looks like more white stuff than we got!!

    Stick with it Phil and the output will improve.

    Thanks for dropping by today .. much appreciated.

  2. bet you can't wait to get out in some decent light phil :-)

  3. yeh i am hoping for a nice bit of weather sunday morning warren! have to see if dave will lend me his big lens though

  4. Nothing's better than a new camera! Have fun using it, and with all the snow you're getting you'll have lots of beautiful scenes to capture...