Sunday, 14 March 2010

Dungeness RSPB digiscoping with Mandy and 29 species

Today Mandy and I drove to Dungeness RSPB and arrived there around 10.20am after driving the scenic route to get there.
Our 1st spots were Blue Tits and Reed Buntings around the bird feeder in the car park, we went into the shop and then made our way towards the Firth Hide, on route to there we spotted Coots and Tufted Ducks on the small pond to the right as you leave the shop, and as we were walking I spotted a bird way off which looked like a Smew, I was not 100% certain but a chap came into the hide whilst we were in their and asked us if we had seen the Smew, so I was correct and added it to my list, also whilst in there I spotted a Marsh Harrier over the far side of the water, also whilst in this hide we spotted Cormorant, Herring Gull and Shovelors, there we other Gulls and I'm hoping that somebody will assist in the identification for as I find gulls confusing!
We now made our way to the Makepeace Hide and on route spotted a lone Magpie. Within the hide we spotted Oystercatchers and Shelducks. We left that hide a started walking again, spotting Great Crested Grebe, a lovely close view of a female Reed Bunting and a Grey Heron flying low towards us and a few Carrion Crows.
Great Tits could be heard calling and then a lovely Little Egret, this waited for me to get the digiscope set up and then flew off, typical! Greylag Geese in abundance along with around 10 Mute Swans. A lovely view of a flying Green Woodpecker and a very close view of a singing Duunock.
 We arrived back at the car and I got the flask out and we both had a couple of cups of Earl Grey tea some crisps and some flapjack, lovely jubbly!
As we ate and drank I had the digiscope setup pointing at the feeding station and a Moorhen appeared and a Wood Pigeon flew over. As we drove out of the reserve slowly we spotted some Pochards, Black Headed Gulls a Redshank and Mandy spotted a Common Buzzard

Male Tufted Duck

Male Shovelor

Reed Bunting preparing for take off!

Reed Bunting at feeding station.

Pair of Oystercatchers


Common Gulls (thanks guys)

Greater Black Backed Gull.
Dunnock, was a bit to close this one, not bad shots though.

Even closer of the Dunnock.


Coots and Shovelors.

Windswept Carrion Crow.

Photos all digiscoped with Mandy's parents Sony Cybershot camera, takes better photos than my Casio so could be borrowing or investing? 


  1. Hi Phil and Mandy.
    Glad you both had a lovely day.
    I think you will find that the 2 Gulls in your photo are Common Gulls. Check out the head markings, leg colours and wing colour. The Lesser Black Back has got yellow legs blacker wings and a whiter head and body.Even if it is a 2nd winter bird the bil doesn't look heavy enough to me.
    I may be wrong, don't hold me to it.

  2. Spot on with the Geater Black Back Gull Phil. Black wings, lots of white at the tips and flesh coloured legs (not yellow, as in Lbb)

    Kens correct on the other two. they are Common gulls.

    all your other birds are Id'd spot on. you are learning fast :-)