Saturday, 6 February 2010

Bough Beech with Denis

The small group of 45 Black Headed Gulls

The 3 Cormorants looking around in the centre of reservoir.

The lone Lapwing


Snipe, notice how well camouflaged they are.

Another Snipe

Bit closer this time.

All photos digiscoped.

I arrived at Bough Beech reservoir this morning at around 09.20hrs, the first bird I heard was a Blackbird and then I heard a Great Spotted Woodpecker drumming within the wooded area and this continued for over an hour! Great Crested Grebe was the next bird to be spotted along with Coots. I spotted a small flock of 16 Tufted Ducks and 4 Cormorants. Pochard and Wigeon both seemed to be in abundance, and then 4 Canada Geese flew over us, a lone Lapwing landed a fair way from us but I managed a poor photo with the digiscope setup. Mallards and Carrion Crow next. A flock of 45 Black Headed Gulls and a pair of Blue Tits and a pair of Great Tits. As we were about to pack our things up another bird watcher asked me If I had spotted the 5 Snipe, to which I said that I hadn't and he kindly pointed them out to me with his scope and then I set mine up again and managed a few pictures, not brilliant but of Snipe none the less. This was my 1st visit to Bough Beech since the 13th September last year when there was hardly any water in the reservoir and now it is full again.


  1. Well done phil, not the best time to visit the reservoir, but you found some good birds.

  2. Hi Phil
    Always worth a visit, you never know what you are going to see, well done.