Sunday, 24 January 2010

Cannon Lane patch walk with Dave and 38 Species

This is the only shot I managed today, lack of photo opportunities.

Picked Dave up at about 07.20am today and we drove to Cannon Lane and parked up and as soon as we got out of the car we could see Herring Gull and Magpie and could hear a Song Thrush singing.

 Cormorants were quite abundant today with various sightings and also a lot of Blue Tits. Wood Pigeons came along next and a few Starlings and Collared Doves. Robin could be heard "ticking" in the hedge rows. Fieldfare flew over us along with a few Blackbirds. Great Tit also could be heard calling and a lone Moorhen was spotted.

Great Spotted Woodpecker spotted and also could be heard drumming in the woods. Black Headed Gulls and a flock of around 50 Goldfinches were next, this was followed by a lone Grey Heron. Dave spotted a pair of Yellowhammers in a bush top, these I located in my scope and found to be a male and a female. A single Kingfisher was spotted flying up river and a few Carrion Crows were also sitting in the tree tops.

A few Greylag Geese were next flying over us and then we heard a sound that I was not sure of but Dave spotted it, a Green Sandpiper as it flew off up stream.
Wren next up being a wee bit noisy and this was followed by a Chaffinch, Dunnock and Bullfinch. A Skylark was spotted through the scope sitting in a bush and a pair of Pheasants flew up as well.

Dave spotted a Treecreeper and managed a photo, alas, I did not!

Jays were next and a pair of Stock Doves, followed by a lone Goldcrest. Dave spotted a pair of Mallards on a fly past and a Sparrowhawk was seen flying low to the ground on a hunting mission. A pair of Reed Bunting next and a lone Pied Wagtail flying over and to finish the walk a Mistle Thrush.


  1. Has daves voice come back ? :-)

    Well done with the Sandpiper, wish I could get one here.

  2. He's still a bit croaky Warren, sounds a bit like Roger Moore!