Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sunday morning Moths at Trudy's

Last night I got Andy, my brother in law to set the moth trap in his garden, he kindly did this for me and I went to investigate this morning, there were quite a few within the trap and some cleared off as we moved it, the photos below are what I managed and I hope I have ID'd them OK! I am sure I will be corrected though if I am wrong.
Click on pictures to enlarge:

Flounced Rustic

Scorched Carpet

Willow Beauty
Square Spot Rustic


Large Yellow Underwing
Thanks for looking and as always any assistance is welcome.

Thanks Alan


  1. Wish I could help, but I'm going to be "one of those people" today and just say, I love the shots. I personally like the "Speckled Beauty".

  2. Hi Phil and Mandy,

    Here are my thoughts on the moths you have there:-
    1, Flounced Rustic
    2, I'm with you.
    3,Willow Beauty
    4 and 5, I'm with you.
    6, Large Yellow Underwing

    I think these are right but as always stand to be corrected. All the best, Al.