Sunday, 8 August 2010

Dungeness RSPB and a first for us both!

Mandy and I drove to Dungeness RSPB this morning and arrived at just after 11am for our walk around the reserve. Whilst driving in I spotted a few Carrion Crows and a lone Reed Bunting. We made our way to the 1st hide and from here we spotted a lot of Tufted Ducks, Mute Swans, 3 Gadwalls and 50+  Cormorants along with Great Crested Grebes, Herring Gull, Lapwings and a good spot from Mandy of a Moorhen. A pair of Terns flew over (common) I believe although not 100% certain. Little Egret spotted and a long way off Mandy spotted a bird in a tree which when the scope was put onto it was a Wood Pigeon. A Grey Heron did a low fly past which Mandy also spotted and then the spot of the day which was a 1st for the both of us was a Great Egret, looking splendid it was with its large yellow bill. Greylag Geese and a flock of Starlings on the electricity pylon wires. We then drove round to the Pilot pub for our sunday lunch of fish and chips and a well earnt pint. The only photos today were taken on my iPhone as I forgot my camera for the scope.

 This is Great Mullein (thanks Ken)

Female Gatekeeper Butterfly
Peacock Butterfly


  1. Phil and Mandy ,
    Well done with the Great White Egret .
    Your Mullein is Great not Dark .
    Your Gatekeeper is indeed so , a female .

  2. Well done Phil, keep at it mate. Thats one bird I aint seen yet ( Great egret )