Sunday, 15 August 2010

Accidental Birding after Ightham Mote

Mandy and I decided to use our National Trust cards today and went the short drive to Ightham Mote, we had a nice walk around the house and a tour onto the top of the tower in the courtyard, the last time we went there was probably 6-7 years ago when the scaffolding was all around the building, the guide said they had been scaffold free since the start of 2005!

From here we decided to go to Sevenoaks Nature Reserve for a reasonable priced cup of tea and a flapjack which was nice, i was hoping for some Butterflies as Dave had lent me his nice camera for the day, I managed one reasonable picture which is below along with others from the day.

We left Sevenoaks and went home via Bough Beech where we stayed for around 30mins, a chap that I have seen there before pointed us in the direction of a Wood Sandpiper, the picture I have and will post is useless really as the bird was a very long way off.

Next Sunday, Dave and I are going to St Margarets Bay to me up with our friend Peter Wells and take a stroll round his patch, I cannot wait!

 View at Ightham Mote

 As Above

 Nice flower

 As Above

 This is a National Trust holiday let home at Ightham Mote

A Large White possibly?

 Common Blue possibly?


 Blue Tits at Sevenoaks Nature

 Juvenile male Chaffinch

 The dot in the middle is the Wood Sandpiper

 Swallows/Swifts? at Bough Beech



  1. I believe you about the Wood Sanpiper Phil :-)

  2. Accidental birding, does it exist ;-) Like Warren i just believe you for the sandpiper ;-)