Sunday, 3 January 2010

Along the Towpath towards Golden Green and Hartlake with Dave and 38species.

Silhouette of Cormorant in the sunrise.


Great Tit

Grey Wagtail (blurred)

Little Egret

Mute Swans


Dave(the Owl expert) thought this was an Owl! Was a long way from where we stood though.

This morning I picked up Dave at 07.45am and we drove to Cannon Lane and parked outside my place of work and started our walk along the towpath towards Golden Green.

Magpie was the 1st on our list today followed closely by Herring and Black Headed Gulls.

Blackbird next (we did spot one with a black beak which was unusual), and an ever present Robin.
Lots of Cormorants about in the tree tops and a singing Dunnock was also spotted. Green Finch and Great Spotted Woodpecker were also heard along with a Kingfisher, the latter was spotted 3 times during the walk.

Grey Heron, Pheasant, and Blue Tit also in abundance along with Wood Pigeon and Carrion Crow.

A Wren was being a bit raucous in a tree nearby to us. Dave spotted a Green Sandpiper and I spotted a few Chaffinch. Great Tit singing above us (see photo) and also a Pied Wagtail and Moorhen spotted.

A few Mute Swans flew over and then I spotted a lot of them in a field (see photo). A Grey Wagtail made a fleeting visit, hence the dodgy photo and also a female Reed Bunting was spotted, a lovely looking bird she was as well!

Song Thrush and Bull Finch next up along with Yellow Hammer and Starling. A pair of Jays could be heard within the wooded area along with Long Tailed Tits.

We had a nice view of a fly over Kestrel and a few Greylag Geese with a pair of pure white geese, and a pair of Mallards flew over as well.

A lone Stock Dove was spotted by Dave and then we spotted a Little Egret and a flock of about 50 Lapwings and finally a Snipe flew up as we walked back towards the car. All of these photos were digiscoped today.


  1. Green sandpiper is a good sighting Phil. Great to see you still enjoying the birds and nature.

  2. Phil ,
    Another good mix of species , but it was cold , wasn't it ?
    Tell me to mind my own , but if you want to get rid of the gap between your text and the start of the comments -
    When you have finished typing your text , before publishing , scroll down to the bottom of the space below , then click the cursor on the left hand side of the page , then 'backspace' till your text fills the unused space .

  3. Hi Phil.
    It may ahve been cold but you seemed to have had a good day out.Nice one.

  4. Brilliant composition regards the Mute Swans. Nice one, Phil.